Tyre Nichols remembered as beautiful soul with creative eye – The Associated Press – en Español

On most weekends, Tyre Nichols would head to the city park, train his camera on the sky and wait for the sun to set.

“Photography helps me look at the world in a more creative way. It expresses me in ways I cannot write down for people,” he wrote on his website. He preferred landscapes and loved the glow of sunsets most, his family has said.

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Paul McCartney Announces New Photography Book 1964: Eyes of the Storm – Consequence

Imagine if you suddenly found a roll of film you hadn’t seen since you used it nearly 60 years ago. That’s essentially what happened to Paul McCartney, who captured a treasure trove of 35mm photography during The Beatles’ heyday that will be shared in an upcoming book titled 1964: Eyes of the Storm. 

Out June 13th via Liveright, 1964: Eyes of the Storm compiles 275 photographs McCartney took near the end of 1963 and beginning of 1964, just as Beatlemania caught on like wildfi…….


Spot the photographer! Can YOU find the camouflaged wildlife fanatic in these pictures? – Daily Mail

Spot the photographer! Wildlife fanatic in full camouflage suit blends seamlessly into forest – so can YOU find him?

Photographer Sasan Amir travels the world wearing clever camouflage in search of the perfect shotSasan’s global photography tours can take up to half a year of preparation, hard work and travellingHe says his main goal is to spread awareness of critically endangered animals in need of support


Dayanita Singh’s Hands-On Photography – The New York Times

Every winter in the early 1980s, a sturdy bus departed Kolkata, India, for a concert tour of provincial towns. On board were some of North India’s finest classical musicians, world-recognized artists like the vocalist Girija Devi, the flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia, or the tabla player Zakir Hussain.

They traveled at close quarters. The musicians napped on mattresses in the back of the bus, improvised roadside cricket matches and g…….


How this photographer makes sublime landscapes of the American West – CNN

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN

The first time Reuben Wu saw the warm sandstone hues and vast, open skies of the American West, he was watching the landscapes pass him by from the window of a tour bus.

The British visual artist, now based in Chicago, has become known for his sublime imagery of remote landscapes using drone lighting, enhancing craggy peaks with halos, or writing glyphs in the sky like signals from a supernatural entity. But for a long time, art was just a passion p…….


The Risks That Define New York Times Magazine Photography – The New York Times

Readers of The New York Times Magazine may never have seen Kathy Ryan, but they have seen her visual influence in its pages.

As the director of photography, Ms. Ryan is responsible for shaping the magazine’s photographic identity by, among other things, commissioning the photographers whose work appears inside the magazine and on its cover. Quickly.

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Winners of the 2022 Close-Up Photographer of the Year – The Atlantic

The fourth year of the Close-up Photographer of the Year competition has just come to a close, and the winners have been announced. The contest “celebrates close-up, macro, and micro photography,” among 11 separate categories. More than 9,000 entries were received from 54 countries this year. Contest organizers have once more been kind enough to share some of the winners and finalists with us below.



Einstein, Piaf, Twiggy: Marilyn Stafford’s extraordinary life behind the lens – The Guardian

Marilyn Stafford was largely unknown until her 90s, when she had a belated and glorious brush with fame. Stafford, who has died aged 97, became celebrated in the way she should have been for decades. She was given a major retrospective at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, published a magnificent book of her photographs, was interviewed by newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, and finally got to tell her stories.

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