The Most Important Skill in Landscape Photography – Fstoppers

I love when a plan works in landscape photography and this was the way I was doing for more than 30 years now: planning and going to the spot, for “harvesting” the photographs. This led to fantastic results though, but there is one more way to get outstanding photographs, you had maybe never thought about before.

Coming to you from my latest YouTube video, where it was quite hard to leave the photo spot, as I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful scenes around me. I was photographing …….


The Buyers guide to…Best camera for beginner nature photography – Camera Jabber

When you first start out shooting nature photography you can sometimes feel pressured to learn everything at once. When you’re learning, you’ll be trying many different techniques that will provide the foundation for just about everything you’ll ever want to do with your camera. That’s why the best camera for beginner nature photography is one that offers ease of use but enough advanced features for you to grow with it as you develop your ski…….


Why I Sold My Photography Studio – Fstoppers

A photography studio can be exciting and profitable. It can also have major pitfalls that you should be aware of. 

How to Start a Photo Studio

Opening a photography studio is an exciting opportunity! This video will tell you if you should start your photography studio. What is good about having your photo studio? What is bad about having it? And what’s the ugly part of having your photography studio for rent? It’s exciting to open a studio but you should have a proper unde…….


Out with the new, in with the old: Film photography on the rise – The Daily Universe –

Millennials and Generation Z have reached for film cameras during a time of great technological advancement because of its visual aesthetics, emotional connection and their desire for something less perfect.

Film photography in simple terms is the act of creating images using thin strips of light-sensitive plastic. It appeals to the side of new generations who long for a more retro approach to art.

Jonathan Canlas, owner of theFINDlab, a film developing lab in Orem, said the retro…….


Retiring Regents Professor honored with a photography exhibition – ASU News Now

March 22, 2022

ASU students, staff dive into a new way to learn and work with purpose and identity at the core

Nearly two years ago, the pandemic unquestionably changed our lives in countless ways. One of those notable changes was when, where and how we work and learn. But one academic unit at Arizona State University had its sights on transforming the future of work for both stud…….


6 Versatile Food Photography Props That You Already Own – PetaPixel

When starting out as a food photographer, it’s tempting to go all-out on prop shopping. You can end up spending an absurd amount of money on delicate handmade props thinking that they will single-handedly turn our photos into something spectacular.

We’ve all been there: thinking that the more props we have, the easier it will be to take great photos. And yet, there is one element we often forget about — looking into what we already have at home!

Not only are prop…….


Expert Tips for Newborn Photography – The Phoblographer

Newborn photography has the power to capture these little bundles of joy and their true, natural beauty. One way to do this is by using a photo backdrop. A backdrop is anything behind the subject of a photograph that sets the mood or tone for the subject. A newborn photography backdrop is an excellent addition to a newborn photographer’s equipment. This article will discuss some tips on newborn photography and choosing a backdrop.

Editor’s Note: Th…….


Community profile: Rifle pastor uses photography to fundraise for youth suicide prevention – Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Rifle Church of Christ pastor Jon Phillips and Whistle Pig Coffee Stop co-owner Jasmine Atchison work together to hang the “Chair 109” print in the downtown Rifle shop on Friday morning. The canvas print is for sale for $200 and all proceeds will be donated to the Second Wind Fund for youth suicide prevention.Chelsea Self/Post Independent

When Jon Phillips was 18 years old he felt hopeless. He was going through a dark time and hi…….