Your Concise New York Art Guide for February 2023 – Hyperallergic

Say what you will about February, but it’s the one month of the year that knows how to keep it short and sweet. Nonetheless, there’s much to see in New York during these compact few weeks, including works by Ed Ruscha, Nina Katchadourian, Luis Camnitzer, Martha Edelheit, and a special group show about our relationship with mushrooms. Starting this month, we’re changing the format of this list, bringing you personal recommendations from editors and regular contributors on our team. Each…….


Ready to plunge in? The rise and rise of immersive art – The Guardian

Concerning immersion, a shower is as far as I’m usually prepared to go. I don’t recognise the existence of bathtubs and when it comes to immersive art, I prefer to be an engaged and critically alert observer, not a participant. I made an exception for Nicholas Hytner’s Shakespeare productions at the Bridge theatre in London, though I chose to watch the scrum – with the rest of the audience as a harried, feuding mob in Julius Caesar or a gaggle of bewitched reveller…….


‘It’s the opposite of art’: why illustrators are furious about AI – The Guardian

‘Woman reading book, under a night sky, dreamy atmosphere,” I type into Deep Dream Generator’s Text 2 Dream feature. In less than a minute, an image is returned to me showing what I’ve described. Welcome to the world of AI image generation, where you can create what on the surface looks like top-notch artwork using just a few text prompts, even if in reality your skills don’t go beyond drawing stick figures.

AI image generation seems to …….


The Met’s Maya Show Asks: Can Art Ever Be Innocent? – The New York Times

Beautiful is complicated. Gorgeous sunset skies can be a product of atmospheric pollution. Blizzards of the kind that battered Buffalo were visual poetry to Monet. And that jewel-like magenta-winged bug I so admired in the garden last fall? Turns out to be a herbicidal terrorist.

As Monet’s snowstorms suggest, the idea, and ideal, of beauty in art comes with its own drawbacks. The majestic Elgin Marbles, emblems of democracy, cro…….


Is this by Rothko or a robot? We ask the experts to tell the difference between human and AI art – The Guardian

The year 2022 was when AI-generated images went viral. Online, you may have come across very realistic yet suspiciously improbable images of, say, an astronaut riding a horse through space or an avocado doubling as an armchair.

Numerous new generators – including Dall-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion – offer anyone with an internet connection the chance to conjure up their own strange apparition, simply by typing in a “prompt” for the AI…….


Can the Sydney Modern Change How a ‘Sporting Nation’ Sees Itself? – The New York Times

On one of his first official tours through the new Sydney Modern, after roughly a decade developing the project as director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Michael Brand highlighted a few signature pieces: a new commission by an Aboriginal artist using found metal; an immersive sculpture, first exhibited in Seoul, that visitors create by rolling balls of clay; and a giant video from a New Zealander, imagining Oceania without people of European descent.


art Weightlifting

A Minnesota University Is Under Fire for Dismissing an Art History Professor Who Showed Medieval Paintings of the Prophet Muhammad – artnet News

In a controversial move, an adjunct professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, has lost her job after showing her class Medieval paintings depicting the Prophet Muhammad, founder of the Islamic religion.

The school’s decision not to renew the professor’s contract for the current semester has sparked debates over free speech, including a petition in support of the teacher, signed by at least 2,500 scholars and students of Islamic studies and art his…….


Hunter Biden child support case could reveal buyers of his art, docs show – New York Post

First son Hunter Biden may finally be forced to reveal the identities of the people buying his pricey paintings — thanks to his ongoing Arkansas child support case.

Former flame Lunden Roberts, 31, is demanding “detailed information” on the recovering crack addict Biden’s customers in response to the 52-year-old Hunter’s attempt to lower his child support payments for his four-year-old daughter with Roberts, court papers reveal.

In September 2022, Bid…….