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  • Photography can be a fun way to document your life or experience the world around you.
  • We spoke to two professional photographers about the best supplies and tips for beginners.
  • Below, they share their recommendations for the best DSLR camera, SD card, books, and more.

These days, it may seem like everyone is a photographer, with quality cameras built into smartphones and apps like Instagram available to edit and upload all your snapshots. 

But there are techniques and skills behind taking the best photographs, and working with a physical camera can be a rewarding experience on its own.

“Photographs have this ability to take the familiar and make it new, transforming the world around us into something wholly different and charged with emotion,” says Andrew Frost, MFA, photographer, Lecturer & Senior Media Tech at the University of Vermont. “Unlike most other art forms, photography tends to use the raw material of the world around us.” 

“I love photography because it allows you to freeze time and create lifelong memories,” says Mena Darré, a professional photographer and entrepreneur. “The world is forever changing and photography allows you to document the journey.”

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If you’ve wanted to take the leap from your iPhone to a Canon DSLR, here are the best tips and supplies for photography beginners.

  1. Get a versatile camera and (if applicable) an SD card.

When it comes to deciding on what camera to use, Frost is practical: “Every camera in the world is just a black box with an opening on one end and a sensor of some kind on the other — ultimately, it’s what you do with it that matters.” 

According to Frost, the best way to get started is by using what you have accessible, whether it’s a phone or a physical camera. “I tell my students that ultimately, you want to be in control of your tool, so the more settings you’re able to adjust, the more control you can have,” he says.

“For a beginner, I do recommend a DSLR because these particular cameras are what’s current in modern technology,” says Darré. DSLRs give you the option to change lenses and take different types of photos. 

But she’s clear about what not to buy. “If you do not want to purchase a DSLR, I would not recommend purchasing a point-and-shoot; you are better off just using an up-to-date smartphone since most people have them.”

So what should you consider if you’re in the market for a camera? “It’s hard to go wrong with …….


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